ensuring clean public gathering spaces

Use Cases

You’ve been responsibly operating throughout the pandemic, but now that things start to open up and the community begins to feel confident about coming to public spaces, you begin to wonder how you can best welcome your customers back and ensure your public space is ready to have larger numbers in attendance. Whether that’s assessing your indoor air quality or an audit of your COVID protocols, we are working to ensure you have all you need to get back in your gathering space.
Architect Your Plan to Meet CDC Guidelines

Set your organization up for success with an individualized plan informed by science. Federal OSHA guidelines require every business with > 10 employees to have a written COVID 19 plan that is communicated to employees.

Indoor Air Quality

Air quality and circulation are a primary factor in the spread of COVID-19 and can be assessed, monitored, and improved. Building occupancy should be rated for use cases – ex dining in a restuarant is 8-12 air changes per hour. Fresh air should be brought into the space and air flow should be designed to exit the building as quickly as possible.

Surface Testing

Simple kits can assist in detecting SARS-CoV-2 on hard surfaces in offices, restaurants, and other places of business. It is important to test if the air ducts have COVID19 present to know if it was being circulated at the location.

Social Distancing

Considering the flow of people and implementing zone designations and proper signage can assist in stopping
the spread.

Deep Clean & Disinfecting

If someone in your facility has tested positive or if precautionary measures are needed, there are steps you can take to safely deep clean and disinfect their workspace and shared workspaces. Surfaces can be treated so that they eliminate contact exposure to COVID for 90 days.

Maintenance Protocols

Establish protocols to remove uncertainty in the day-to-day and limit risk in the face of biological threats. How well is my protocol working in removing the risk?